About Us

About American Mortgage Network

Welcome to American Mortgage Network, a new 100% employee-owned company (ESOP). Because every employee is an owner, we are deeply committed to helping both home buyers and each other prosper and succeed.

Whether you’re shopping for your first home loan, trading up to a larger home, investing in a vacation or rental property or refinancing an existing home, our skilled financial services team of owners will find the right product to fit your specific needs. With deep roots in the mortgage industry, our sole business is funding home loans.

Leveraging the employee ownership model also gives us a unique perspective to tap opportunities that grow our business. Our professionals understand consumers’ unique needs and know how to simplify the home loan process for a painless experience. Their primary goal is to make the mortgage process accessible by explaining how it works and delivering diverse home loans products.

We utilize technology to add efficiencies that speed the entire mortgage process. Unlike the mortgage industry’s time-consuming, costly paper-based legacy systems, our loan originating system allows us to log in from a web browser – a true web interface– from any location. That means faster responses that can shorten the time to loan approval and closure.

As a start-up, we have a flat organization with little or no bureaucracy for fast decision-making and simple, yet effective, processes. Every employee knows they have the power to act decisively. “Everyone is a partner. Everyone here is a boss.” We can make changes on the drop of dime and pivot in response to the market.

Keeping costs to a minimum benefits employees and customers. While it may be difficult to believe, there are no fancy offices, consultants, recruiters, or excess management. Digital processes streamline operational costs to further reduce expenses.

American Mortgage Network is powered (fueled) by passionate people who understand what it takes to be great. We’re ready to solve today’s home ownership challenges and capitalize on market opportunities, helping you – our customer and partner — get the home loan you want and deserve.